Monday, January 26, 2009

Nokia 5800 Thoughts

I have one (blue from nokia shop) its excellent.
Decide what you want before you buy.
If you like the idea of a powerful s60 phone that can do anything, is super-light, has had its user interface updated for touch but still retains the classic s60 look, easy to use and has an amazing screen, then you will like this

if you want the following do not buy:
1. A metal/heavier type of look
2. A keyboard
3. An iphone

other people will be ecstatic

Bad point. Nokia, please don't say an app is free in the download centre if its not!

sry, forgot to mention the accessories. Nokia is really loading this one up:
1. Headphones (of course)
2. Adaptor for normal headphones with volume control, lock, fwd, back, etc.
3. Case
4. Small stand for watching video that is light enough to be permanently attached to case
5. Spare stylus (of course)
6. 8gb memory card (hot swapple in side socket)
7. Mini-usb cable (of course) - can charge through
8. Slider lock switch on side (worth mentioning)

for the green amongst you, the amp draw of the adaptor has gone down to 110 Ma (from 150 MA in previous nokia chargers) - although it still can use all previous nokia chargers

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